Monday, May 9, 2016

I Got My Hur Did

Yeah so I got a haircut, neat. 

Anyways this week was pretty rough. These past two weeks have been. We havent found any news in the past 2 weeks and we are contacting a lot now a days to show that we want more investigators, since we only have TWO! So this week consisted of 5 lessons to investigators. Not so good at all. Its really tough but I want to be here in this sector and get it going again. There has been lots of success here and I know there is still more to find and to have. Its just gonna take work.
So we did have one CRAZY experience this week. SO on friday we get this phone call at like 6:45 in the morning from a member that me or my companion didnt recognize her name and asked for a blessing for her cousin. (i dont know if its like this in all missions, but im pretty sure all of Ecuador thinks only missionaries can give blessings. Cuz we give LOTS) So we were like yeah of course and so we meet the member at the bus terminal and get on a bus for about 35 minutes. Then we get off at another terminal and get on ANOTHER bus for like 40 minutes! Then we get dropped off in the middle of no where and we get in a taxi truck and she has us get in the back, this parts cool, and we drive for like 30 more minutes in this taxi truck. Me and my companion and a member just standing in the back holding on to the bars around the bed and just driving in straight campo! It was so cool i thought i would have the opportunity to film it on the way back but i didnt. so i have a lame picture to show you what it was like. So anyways we are out about over 2 hours from our sector in the absolute middle of no where. I thought like some crazy indigenous lady was gonna come kill us. So we go into this house and this old guy as skinny as can be is just lying in his death bed, literally, and hes so tucked in with blankets that all you see is his head. I was like what in the world are we doing here. So he starts talking to us for like 45 minutes (which is normal for blessings with the people here. They just love to talk) and finally he lets us start giving the blessing. I go to start the blessing and he just starts like crying this catholic prayer and i was like what in the world is going on. First time this has ever happened to me luckily i havent started and im just standing there like as shocked as can be just looking around as his family starts calming him down. Then we finally got the blessing done. Im not kidding that was like top 1 craziest experiences of my whole mission. It was locisimo! We finally got back to our sector around 8 and everything fell so we just had to contact for the next hour. Super crazy but cool experience! 

Anyways yeah nothing much happened work wise. Just contacting a lot over here. I read something I really loved this morning that hit me hard "In measuring success, we recognize the profound truth underlying all else- that our lives belong to God, our Heavenly Father; and to Jesus Christ, our Redeemer. Success means living in harmony with their will" -Elder D. Todd Christofferson
It hit me hard bc i havent had the most success in my mission if you talk about baptisms or finding new investigators and all that. I have been working hard for the past 9 months doing the will of the Father and the Son and that means im being successful. Im offering people the happiness, what Heavenly Father and Christ want me to do. Its their decision if they want to be happy or not. The mission isn't only about baptisms. Its about helping others. Im here and i feel like im doing my best to help others!
Im excited for this next week and to find more investigators. I LOVED the skype call and talking to you guys! Thanks for all the letters. I love you all! Talk to you next week! 

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