Monday, May 16, 2016

The Power of the Book of Mormon

Yeah so not much new happened work wise. We are working super hard but not seeing the fruits. Yesterday in consejo our bishop gave a powerful talk about a personal experience on the mission when the gospel arrived too late for someone. He then made everyone commit to bring 5 references for the missionaries and that they have to bring at least one of the 5 to church this Sunday. Then he made us commit to bring a NEW investigator to church bc if they are going to be doing their part, we have to do ours. I'm excited for this week! 

So something cool is we went to Baños today as a zone. We went to this huge waterfall named pailon del diablo. It was NUTZZZZZZZZZZZZ it was so crazy awesome! If we ever come visit Ecuador we HAVE to go to baños and visit that waterfall again and do some other cool things that we cant do as missionaries like zip-lining! It was awesome and i got SOAKED!! It was super fun and cool! I didn't take too many pictures of it because i didn't want my camera to break! But i took some!

So a couple people wrote me about the Book of Mormon this week. Its weird because i was planning on writing home about that. So not only am i reading the book, but I'm reading another book called a witness and a warning by Ezra Taft Benson. (my comps great grandpa) It is such a good book! If you haven't read it i recommend it! It talks basically about what Elder Holland talked about to us about how we need to use the book more. it is the key stone to our religion and so we need to treat it that way. One of my favorite quotes from this book is by Elder McConkie "The Book of Mormon will convert and save more people tens of thousands more times then the bible will" Why do so many people teach so much about the Bible if the Book of Mormon is so much more powerful and will save so many more lives? I really want to become a great teacher with the Book of Mormon. I do not wanna treat it lightly and still be under that same condemnation that the missionaries were when they came home from their mission. He talks a lot about that in this book. God gave us this book to teach and it is NOT to be treated lightly. It is another gift from God and it is His words. We need to use it better! I love this book. I know its true! I know this book is the most correct book in the world. Everyone needs to read it more and if you get missionary opportunities, talk about this book. Don't treat it lightly. Use it more.
I love this church. I love my mission. I'm super excited for another week and to find this new investigator and get them to church! I love you all! Thanks for the letters! Ill talk to you all next week! 

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