Monday, March 21, 2016

Week 4

Have you ever been trying to wash some clothes by hand cuz the member takes forever and so you decide to dump a bucket of water out the window, not once, but three times and it lands on your land lord and his wife and all their clothes they just washed? Yeah well i did that hahaha. So i was washing some stuff by hand cuz the member still isn't done with my clothes and I'm all out so the sink was full of dirty dishes and i was like I'm not pouring dirty water on that. So i looked out my window, only saw a roof and so i just poured buckets of water out the window when i finished. Then after the 3rd bucket i hear someone "HEY VECINO!!!!" I was like yep not answering and hid from the window. Then we come back from lunch and our land lord is like hey you poured buckets of water all over me my wife and all our clothes and it was dirty water with soap on it and he just went on and on and on! For like 5 minutes! I felt pretty bad so i just kept listening and then my companion is like hey I'm done with this and just goes yeah it was an accident wont happen again and he just keeps going on again so my companion just makes me walk away hahaha. I do feel pretty bad but man that conversation was awful! Hes like 75 yrs old so it makes it even funnier haha

So this week was pretty good! I told you last week we were planning on contacting the whole week or at least a lot of the week. So yeah we did for a couple days we just set a couple hours out of the day to talk to people. You know what happened? I got sunburned on top of my head. That really hurts and I don't recommend trying that. But I know the lord blessed us for our desire to find people! We had a few awesome things happen this week! So first we started teaching Melanie. She's a 19 yr old and when we first started teaching her she's like "yeah my cousin says that you cant dance and drink and stuff as mormons and i don't wanna stop doing that" (cousin is a member) and so we explained briefly on that stuff she didn't accept a fecha so we were bummed. But we stopped by one day to verify if she did the compromismos that we left with her and she explained something super cool! She said "I'm someone who really believes in coincidence (don't know if that's spelled right) and last night I was trying to watch tv but it was broken so i tried to play on my phone and my phone died and then i saw the folletos that you guys left with me and i read them and i believe that to be an answer from God that i need to be a member of this church!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO BALLIN it was awesome! Its so awesome how our Heavenly Father will answer his children's prayers in such a manner that they know that its an answer from him! Oh man that was just great! She said her only problem is right now that she wants to be sealed in the temple when the time comes but she wants her dad to be able to enter and she doesn't think he will want to join the church. 

Next we have Terrasa. So we started teaching her a bit last week and she said she lives in this one part and we found out its in another stake that has boundaries with us. She already has all the assistances and is begging us to baptize her! But since she doesn't live within our limits we couldn't. Then yesterday we went to go tell her that she needs to move in with her cousin (a recent convert that gave us the reference) who lives in a BIG house and all by herself then she can be baptized in our ward. And before we even told her that they told us the news that she's moving in with her! WOOOOOHOOOOO straight miracles happening in Argelia! I love this ward!
I almost got to eat guinea pig last night :( she told us she was going to make it for us but forgot. So bummed oh well I still got some time to try it! 
I love this sector and I'm lovin the miracles happening here! You guys are the best! I love your letters and appreciate it when you all write me! Love you all! Talk to you next week! 

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