Monday, March 14, 2016

Week 3

So yeah I had something I wanted to start my letter out with but yeah I forgot. Normally I write it down on the monday page of my agenda but I forgot to do that. Second you guys are probably thinking, wow its a miracle that I use an agenda. Yes it is quite the miracle. Its actually very helpful haha. The mission does build good habits
So this week was a little rough. We are having a super hard time with investigators. We are working hard but all that seems to be working is getting in with recent converts and less actives. We have no program right now so this week we decided we are going to contact like crazy and just literally ask anyone for references including contacts. We need to start teaching some investigators.
So this week we were able to go to a different part of our sector that I haven't been to yet, like I said last change my sector is HUGE! So we finally went over to that part of the sector and we got a hold of some less actives that I didn't know existed. They are a really cool family! The family Caldoron are super awesome but they've just stopped praying and reading over time so they started to lose their testimony and eventually fell away. Its crazy how necessary it is that we read and pray a lot throughout the day so that we can feel the spirit more and so like this family, we don't start to lose our testimony. I'm excited to work with this family and to help them out more! They didn't come to church yesterday which I was bummed about but through more prayers we can get them back to church where they know the need to be.
So yeah we did divisions a lot this week so we didn't get to work in our sector for the entire week. On divisions we just contacted like crazy and it was actually kinda fun because I saw some funny things. So we did divisions with the ZLs and so when you do divisions with them you both go to their sector. So me and my ZL, Elder Zelada, were contacting and I started speed walking SUPER fast to catch up to this girl, I get there and start talking to her and getting out the basic info and once I asked for her name she was like "NOPE" and sprinted! hahahahaha She ran like I was trying to kill her and I just stopped walking turned around and looked at elder Zelada and just shrugged my shoulders and he was just bent over laughing. Contacting can get pretty boring but Ecuador is full of interesting people so its fun sometimes to see how weird some people are haha
So yeah sorry about this letter and how lame it was. Don't doubt how hard I'm working cuz we work super hard! I love this sector and I love my companion. Probably my favorite comp of my mission! I hope you guys have a good week! Thanks for writing me! I love you all! Talk to you next week! 

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