Monday, March 7, 2016

The Miracle

So this past week early on, like tuesday something like that we were in a lesson and the bishop calls us and was like "hey I just talked to Joel and he said he got this weekend off of work for his baptism because you guys gave him fecha for that day" then he's like "Yeah so lets baptize him this week because he went to church for 7 months while he was in the coast and has all his assistances and hes ready and free" So we were like woooohoooo so we called and checked with the ZLs if this saturday we could baptize him and they were like yeah hes got all the assistances (I didn't know that because my last companion didn't communicate with me) so yeah we had his interview on friday and baptized him saturday!!!! CRAZYYYYYYYYYYYYY it was a way awesome baptism and he bore an AMAZING testimony at the end! Such a strong convert! 

So this week was full of a lot of nothing because we were running all over the place for this baptism and our only other investigator left town for the week so we worked a lot with recent converts this week! So one in particular that I'm very upset about is the fam patiƱo. They are converts of like 6 months and when we went to go teach them this week the husband flew out of the house saying he had to go to work and the wife was like im gonna be honest, We don't want anything to do with the church anymore. We are back with the testigos and we like being there. before their baptism they were with that church for 10 years. The family gets offended Very easily and because the ward has made so many citas with them and haven't shown up i think they have gotten offended and stuff. So we are trying to gain their confidence back. We know the problem tho. Elder Holland talked about this when he came. He said when he was on his mission every time missionaries called him saying we cant get this investigator to progress, he would show up, ask them where they were in their lectura in the book of Mormon and 99% of the time they weren't reading the scriptures. He said once they started reading, they started progressing again. This family has stopped reading. So me and my comp go in and say look read this chapter and if you don't feel ANYTHING at all after you read and pray, we will leave you alone. But if you feel anything at all we are going to keep coming back. So the bishopric yesterday in consejo said they are going to visit them today. Tomorrow we will pass by and see if they did their part. Please pray for this family! 
Zamantha is in argentina for another 3 weeks so we haven't seen her

The Maldonado family is doing great! javier, the dad, just received the Aaronic priesthood yesterday and he's doing great! This family is awesome and are SUPER strong converts! Cant wait in years when people look at these fichas of converts and go Elder Welch baptized this guy, all he did was baptize converts! So far I'm 100%! Loving helping people find the path back to our Father! 

I love you guys a lot! Thanks for writing me! I'll talk to you all next week! 

District activity. 15,419 ft up in the air  

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