Monday, February 1, 2016

Notha Week

so to start out i wanna talk about the weirdest lesson I've ever been in and possibly will be in for my whole mission. My comp said it was his weirdest lesson of his whole mission and he faults 2 more changes sooo pretty weird. So we were walking in this part of our sector that we never have been to before just contacting trying to set some citas then my companion started contacting this indigenous 90 yr old lady and i was like woahhh never have I contacted one before (most indigenous only speak quitchwa or however you say it and are super weird so yeah) so he starts contacting her and stuff and it was just a weird contact and she showed us her leg and stuff i was like yep nice meeting you and then he set a cita with her and i just figured it was just so we didn't randomly end the contact. NOPE we went back the next day and taught her with a member thats like 70 yrs old hahah. So to start off we get into her house and she had one chair a bed and then I'm positive she is a hoarder and so just packed full of boxes and crap so we had to teach her sitting on her bed. We start the lesson and we start asking her if she remembers us and she says nope, first clue of why the heck are we here, Next we started talking about baptism and i was like yep shes pretty crazy THEN, this is where it turns from weird to lets leave, she said ohhh i remember you! You 2 jovens are my kids! Where is your sister? Last time I saw you guys we were at the park as a family and she thought the member we brought with us was her husband. Seriously I was like yep I'm out lets go and I tried to finish up with a prayer and my comp was like no I have too many weird vibes and cant feel the spirit at all lets leave hahah! oh yeah she showed us her leg again and i was like seriously I'm gonna barf on your bed stop showing me that thing. And that's my weird lesson of the week. 
So something cool I saw a guy in a Miami Redhawks (Miami University, in Ohio) hat the other day and they actually had the colors correct so I was tempted to ask him for a picture but he only spoke quitchwa so yeah
So today being the first of February starts a annual tradition of fe de febrero. Its were you give up doing something (for me that's soda and bread) for February and march or you start doing something like my comp is fasting every week for the next 2 months. In addition we have to read the whole book of Mormon and start contacting at least 15 people everyday and find a new one every day. The sacrifices in feb bring the miracles in march thats the whole purpose. So for you guys if you wanna participate, How you could apply it is to helping you think of someone that needs the gospel and then at the end of feb when you got the name, You help the missionaries out in trying to teach them and watch the miracles happen! Idk you can apply it how you want but that's one way I thought of for you guys back home. 
So I got a few dates wrong with the family maldonado. The wife to be got the paper out today, or at least yesterday said she was today, they get married the 4th of feb, interviewed the 5th and baptism the 6th! So this should be an exciting week if all goes according to plan! 
So yesterday we started teaching a reference that is literally sent straight from Heaven no joke. She has always been kinda interested in the church since her boyfriend left on a mission and now that he comes home in 2 months shes really starting to investigate! Her name is Samantha and shes 21 and the best investigator Ive ever had!!!!!!!!!! She came to church yesterday without a single lesson or us meeting her yet, and during gospel principles she killed it and participated more than i did! Freaking crazy! later last night we had a family night at a members house and she was there and we taught her lesson 3 and she dominated it and at the end we quizzed her and she explained it back no joke perfectly! She said she wants to know more about God and Jesus Christ and thinks that this is the path for her! She accepted fetcha (date) for the 20 de feb and she was already talking about who is going to baptize her and all the little details! She is also canceling her trip to Argentina which she already bought tickets for so she can go to church and be baptized on the 20th! i was so freaking happy after that lesson! Makes me so happy when i teach someone like that cuz she is so willing to drop everything and do what she knows she needs to do! I was so freaking happy and still am! We are giving her a tour of the church right after emailing! 
I love sharing the gospel with people especially when they accept our message so well! The church is true and there is no where else i need to be in my life at this point than here. My time will come to an end, but until then, ill keep talking to everyone even if they don't speak Spanish! I love you all! Thanks for everyone for writing me this week! Love you guys! Talk to you next week! 

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