Monday, February 8, 2016

Learning Patience

Anyways to start out as everyone may know that I've decided to go to dental school and go into that field later in life I had some experience this week that has made me narrow down my decision of what type I wanna be. SO my companion was having a lot of pain in one of his molars so the other week he went to the dentist and she tried something it worked for a week then it came back the pain. So then on wednesday he just begged her to pull out his tooth so she did. I don't know why he wanted it out so bad he is already missing teeth but whatever. So yeah so we go to the dentist and she uses some xrays we got before hand to take it out. Then comes my experience. I was the suction guy. So while she was digging in his mouth and picking and pulling at his tooth i was right there beside him suctioning up all the blood. It was pretty gross I'm not gonna lie. I don't know if you have every seen a hole where a tooth used to be, especially one down here, but let me tell you its pretty stinking nasty and i dont recommend it. So here is what ive narrowed out of what I wanna do. I do not wanna pull teeth out and I do not wanna be a dentist in south america. Too much blood and it was just everywhere hahah all over his face and i was there sucking it all up! 

So this week was pretty decent. The day we got that tooth pulled we just hung in a members house all day and watched church movies. So the next day it still hurt to talk for him so i taught most the day. I'm super happy with the progressing of Zamantha and the family Maldonado. First I know weird spelling of Samantha but she said its with a Z and second yes they aren't married. So the family Maldonado hasn't changed yet. They just need $110 to get married and we are good to go so I'm gonna stop reporting on them until something changes. We have already taught them everything twice.

Zamantha is in Guayaquil right now for Carnaval. Which we cant do anything today or tomorrow unless our lesson is set for sure. other than that we have to stay inside. But anyways she is super pumped for the 20th of this month! She is way smart and its very impressive and she does every single commitment we invite her to do even if its a super long one. She's always done with it and it makes teaching her super easy! She is going to be a super strong convert after the 20th. I'm pretty nervous for the 21st though when I have to confirm her. She didn't want to choose who is going to baptize her so she made us do it. she said i want one of you 2 to do it so you guys choose. welp my companion pulled the DL card on me for the 100th time this change so I have to confirm her. I'm pretty nervous already because I don't know the tu form conjugations very well because we aren't supposed to speak in it. So I'm studying them. thankfully our ward is only about 75 people. 

Anyways I'm super happy about these 4 people getting baptized hopefully this change! The fam Maldonado has the mom dad and 8 yr old daughter and 2 more younger sons that will benefit in about 4 years of their parents decision! Another week down! Also this saturday is the big event! Elder Holland!!!!!!!!!!! Next time I write you I will have shaken his hand and will have looked into the eyes of an apostle of our Lord! So freaking pumppppppppppppppppppped!!!!! I love you all! Keep praying for me and my patience! I love you all! talk to you next week! 

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