Monday, August 29, 2016

Oops I Did It Again

So I'm sorry but I'm super short on time again. Luckily I don't have very much to report on because this past week there was a district leader conference in Quito, zone meetings and divisions, and to top it off a zone conference with president. It was awesome though. I got to see a lot of old companions and I learned a lot. Now for more craziness, we just did a zone activity so I'm in ambato now i have to go back to quito in like 30 minutes because tomorrow at 8 i have to renew my visa. Im getting pretty old! Im super drained though from a billion buses I've taken and I'm 100% drained on my apoyo haha. Its okay apoyo comes soon 

Well something I've learned that I've really been lacking on is my planning. I have always known its important but anyone that knows me knows im a little tooo laid back and it hasn't really changed a whole lot. Im in the process of changing that though. as a mission they placed goals that we should be accomplishing every week. Like the key indicators. Man am i pumped to get working and to reach those goals. Now you guys in brazil and missions like that may not think 6 lessons a day is a lot. But when you get 3 lessons and like 10 contacts in a day everyone is congratulating you on that day. The assistants got us pumped testifying that if we really do eficaz planning at night, we can accomplish that. I will put it too the test and return and report. anyways like i said, I'm super short on time ill try to get a letter off to everyone of you that wrote me! Love you all! Have a great week and talk to you later! 

me and Quilotoa

 A less active family and me are about to rescue a dog 

 I'm smiling super weird cuz I just got out of a 8-5 in the tarde meeting. Im tired

 old los chillos crew 

 me and my mijim elder espinosa lo maximo! 

 I had to stay in a random closed sector house in ambato for the zone conference and it was an old hermana house and I found out i fit in them jeans haha 

 fun zone activity playing olmypic games. I was on team Ecuador and we lost. Not too proud of myself 

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