Monday, August 22, 2016

White Latinos

So me and my companion started a band this week. Its called "White Latinos". We have a few hits. So he plays the uke and I just sing into his MP3 player that has a microphone.  Our album is I hate veci because i swear I'm like super close to just flipping out on her she drives me insane! The ZLs are fighting for us to change houses so that's whats keeping me calm. haha anyways, maybe I'll let you guys in on some of our songs in the future! 
So I just got back from Quilotoa! Its wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyy beautiful! I don't have as much writing time as I normally get because the bus was super slow. so 1 if my letter to you is short, don't hate me ill make it up next week. 2 if i don't get pictures out due to time, look up Quilotoa on google and you'll be amazed. FOR SURE have to go back with those peeps that wanna come with me! 
So this week was a little rough as far as work goes due to my companion getting sick. We would leave for a lesson and he would be like dude, we need to go home NOW!  it was pretty funny especially since he had to go poop in a cup haha! Hes on a lot of pills now so hes getting better.  We worked with Alex a couple times this week! Hes doing great and last night we were in a noche de hogar with a new investigator and Alex bares his testimony I swear I was super close to crying. It was so powerful and I know that David, the new investigator, felt it! I love working here! I'm getting pretty tired of walking up and down these same streets and stuff, but when you have lessons like those and investigators like him its just awesome and makes all the other hard times worth it!
Sorry this letter is a shorty. Ill write you a longer one next week. This week ill only be working in my sector half day tomorrow, then saturday and sunday. I have conference in Quito so i have to leave a day early and then another zone conference then divisions so its a little crazy but I'm excited! There will be a lot to be learned this week! I love you all! Thanks for the emails. Talk to you all next week! 

I'm so gonna take my future wife here and pull the "she thought Quilotoa was beautiful but I thought she was more beautiful" card on her.  BOOM! children fed! 

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