Monday, April 25, 2016

Treat Yo Self

So with school being out for everyone, my whole family at the beach and the deans about to party it up in Utah this next week and with 3 of our 4 investigators falling for this weekend for their baptism, i decided i would treat myself to a couple things. Since I'm in Ambato ive been saving a little bit of all the money that's been sent to me and this morning i went and bought one of the famous suits here in Ecuador. I'm sooooo excited to get that thing next monday! Its a super nice Italian custom made suit were i bought the material and he makes the whole suit for me! Its way cool! A lot of people come from the states and buy a couple because these kind of suits are wayyy expensive in the states but not too bad here so I'm treatin myself since i cant party with you all this week! 

So yeah like i said 3 of our 4 baptisms fell this week! I was super bummed about it. I was so excited, still am since we still have one, but its not the same. So Washo and Galo are 2 kids that are a bit older. Washo doesn't have any support from his friends and I'm pretty sure they talked him out of it and Galos wife said that if he gets baptized she's gonna separate from him. So he's scared about that and I don't blame him too much. We are going to work hard with these two to try and figure out what we need to do to help them out more! 

We do have one baptism though with Sissy (cece) Vera. Shes a 13 yr old Pilas girl that is just on fire! She does every commitment we leave her and she doesn't just do it one time! She does it several times! One night we left her 2 folletos and a chapter in the Book of Mormon and she read it all 3 times! I was so shocked she is awesome and will be a super strong convert! Her brother is a convert of my companions and he has been helping her out a lot! She has a lot of family (brother) support and help from the young women by being her friend! Its going to be a solid baptism! So excited and happy for her!
So with mom and dad traveling on mothers day i called president and received permission to call home this Sunday the 1st of may! Make sure that everything is all ready to go please I just need the log in to skype again cuz i forgot it. So excited to talk to you

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