Monday, April 18, 2016

Terremoto Loco

Yeah so every letter I got said something about the earthquake that happened here Saturday. Some people were more sympathetic than others about my health. Happy to know some cared haha 
So yeah it was pretty crazy! Ive been pretty sick and so we came back to the house to take a small little break and eat dinner and i was standing by the counter and like i said I've been pretty sick and the i feel the counter keep swinging and hitting my hip and in my head i was like oh no I'm about to pass the heck out hard haha! So I grabbed onto the counter and i felt that it was moving then i noticed the floor was too than i looked at my comp and was like DUDE ARE YOU FEELING THIS!!!??? and he's just like yeah! then the door started rattling and our beds and everything then he was like what do we do get in a door frame? i was like I'm going outside (we have a small patio) and he calls the ZLs and I'm just looking out at the city just seeing EVERY light go out. Some of the telephone wires started exploding it was so crazy! I felt like it was going on for 5 minutes but it was crazy! The whole power went out everywhere! Since I haven't unpacked my flash light i used a small pen i found that had a super small light to get us around to see if people needed help. Pretty scary walking around the sector in complete darkness we were just talking about now is a good time to rob us and what we would do and stuff but yeah we were all good! It was a fun experience to be in an earthquake once, but don't really wanna do that again. I had adrenaline pumping through me till about 9 and it happened like at 6:30. Absolutely craazzy!
So that's so cool that you guys got to meet someone from my old ward! He's super cool! Happy he brought all my presents I sent home to you guys! And from what he told you, yes I did get emergency changed on wednesday! It was crazy I was SOOOOOO sick on wednesday just dying and since we didn't have a cell phone, my DL shows up to my house at like 10 and says youre getting changed pack up your stuff they need you to leave really soon! So I started packing it all up and was just dying and then I had to go take a 2 and a half hour bus ride to get to my zone, then take another hour long bus ride to get to my sector. Im SOOOOO excited to be here! I'm in the zone Ambato!! Everyone always says that this is one of the best zones in the mission! I'm hoping to be here in this zone for a good chunk of my mission! My sector is a little big and with changes coming up on the 8th idk what will happen so I'm working hard to figure out everything just in case I'm left to run the sector.
As far as investigators go we have one named Washel. He's 18 years old and he used to have serious problems with the word of wisdom. He has gone through a changing mode and knows now that we can be forgiven of our sins and that's something he didn't know. He's just 18 tho and still has lame kid excuses so we are working with that.
I don't know the people too well yet so ill give you a better update next week on them! I just know as of now we have 4 people lined up for the 30th this month! Excited for that date!
I love being in this sector! I'm grateful for your letters you have written me! Love you all! Talk to you next week! 

These were at the terminal before I got on the bus and left! 

old comp Elder Memmott 

my homie from the MTC

my companion for 2 weeks, Elder Gallego 

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